very high detail  wind tunnel 02 reworked  individual - horse and knight 2  010300 
5  Guy Buckley1  stl check in solidworks  Untitled-2 
Ahmad1  astrolabe shader test  chair with rug3 2  010000 
010171  And8  earth 4  Holly Jester 
Lionel10  modelling the environment15  rendering004  s3 
sample1  SAM 0205  slide0039 image084  HannahNoTexture 
HuddersfieldTown1  Clothing-Work-in-Progress  horse-and-knight-close-up  modelling-the-environment1 
prep-for-3d-printing-3  start 01 reworked  wind tunnel 05 reworked  010007 
010011  010134  horsesketch2  010147 
010264  01  010283  010330 
04  08  09  0036saltaire 
1  10  11  ZBrush Document (2) 
15  1a  010097  1M1 
1M2  1M3  1M4  1M5 
1M7  1MScan1  20374  3 
3dmax  4  9  a11 
a12  a13  a14  a15 
a16  a7  adaleide-Gleneg1  adaleide-Gleneg2 
adaleide-Gleneg3  adaleide-Gleneg4  adaleide-Gleneg5  adaleide-Gleneg6 
adaleide1  adaleide2  adaleideGleneg1  adaleideGleneg2 
adaleideGleneg3  adam-4  AdamVray2s  AdarsAlias1 
AdarsAlias2  AdarsAlias3  Adarsh2  AdarshAlias1 
AdarshClay  AdarsP1  AdarsScan  AdarsScan1 
AdaS1  AdaS2  AdaS3  AdaS4 
AdaS5  AdaS6  adelaideSimtect  adelaideSimtect2 
adelaideSimtect3  adelaideSimtect4  Alien  Amber 007 
Amber 01  Amber Clothed  Amber Corset  Amber Corset 01 
Amber Corset 02  Amber Dress  Amber Zbrush  And1 
And10  And2  And3  And4 
And5  And7  And9  ArtefactResearch1 
ArtefactResearch2  ArtefactResearch3  audiR8a  audiR8b 
audiwheelmarkhinton1  BAnge1  Bangleidea1c  Bangleidea1d 
BangleideaContext2  bat2new  boglin  bones 
Boston1  Boston10  Boston2  Boston3 
Boston4  Boston5  Boston6  Boston7 
Boston8  Boston9  Burning1  Burning3 
Burning4  Burning5insidefire2  Burning7  c12 
c15  Cab1  CabCar1  CABcarChar 
CabCarout1  CabEnter  CABERTUyearly1pm0001  CABERTUyearly1pm0024 
CABERTUyearly1pm0385  CABERTUyearly1pm0424  CABERTUyearly1pm0936  cabIin 
cABin  Cabin2  CabLift  Capture 
CaptureMultimedia1  CaptureMultimedia2  CaptureMultimedia4  car1 
cater3  Chris2  Chrisconnannon3  city 
cityEngine1  cityEngine2  concept  CraigTomkins1 
CryteckStone  Dali 3D test material  Dali low plolygon copy  Dali with shoes and troosahs copy 
dali-with-colour-lo-res-mesh-copy  Dali3DMax  Dalidress  DavidH 
DesignM2ac  Dino2  discovered  Donkey010 
Donkey03  Donkey04  Duck  expo-1 
expo-1a  expo-2a  expo-3a  expo-4a 
fireSmall3  fireSmall6  FirstFrame  FISH-SIM-copy 
FlindelUniversity1  FlindelUniversity2  FlindelUniversity3  FlindelUniversity4 
FlindelUniversitya  g1  g4  g8 
h1  h2  h3  h4 
Harvard1  Harvard10  Harvard12  Harvard2 
Harvard4  Harvard5  Harvard6  Harvard8 
high-res-1  honghong1  horse head copy  Horse 
horsesketch1  horsesketch4  horsesketch5  HS Poster 1 small 
HS Poster 3 small  IA3359  IA3446  icarus1 
icarus14  icarus15  icarus17  icarus18 
icarus19  icarus2  icarus3  imperial1 
Jackets1  JessElvin4  JoeWong1  JoineStonesFire 
Jowwong2  LandT  Laval1  LavalDessault 
LavalDessault2  LavalVR  LavalVR2  LavalVR3 
LavalVR4  LavalVR5  LavalVR6  LavalVR7 
Lidar1  lighting test copy  Lionel1  lionel2 
lionel3  lionel4  lionel6 001  lionel7 001 
lionel8 001  Lionel9  LionelExhibition  load0108 
load0178  load0853  load1037  London2 
London3  man  MArkHinton1  MArkHinton3 
melbourne-Australia1  melbourne-Australia2  melbourne-Australia3  melbourne1 
melbourne2  melbourne3  melbourne4  melbourne5 
melbourne6  melbourne7  melbourneRMIT1  melbourneRMIT2 
mentalray12a  modelling the environment  modelling the environment1  modelling the environment11 
modelling the environment16  modelling the environment9  moon surface  motion-capture 
motionCapture1  motionCapture2  moto0001  motor0001 
NetHD1254  NetHD1992  NewAudi10  NewAudi3 
NewAudi4  NickRhodes1  Nissan11  Nissan4 
Nissan8  nn1  nn1b  nn3 
nn7  nn9  old man 03  op11 
op9  p1  P1010226  P1010230 
P1040073  P1040074  p2  p7 
p8 001  paris2  paris3  paris4 
PaulTallon1  PaulTallon2  PaulTallon3  PaulTallon4 
PaulTallon5  r11  R12  R16 
R17  r18  r2  r22 
r23  r24  r5  r6 
r8  R8Interior3 001  r9  RamsdenWorkshop2 
RamsdenWorkshop3  RamsdenWorkshop5  Rca1  Rca2 
Rca3  Rca4  Rca5  render 15 
render2  render5  rendering001  rendering002 
rendering003  rendering005  rendering009  Research0 
Research1  Research10  Research3  Research4 
rendering006  rendering008  Research5  Research7 
Research8  Research9  ResearchFestival1  ResearchFestival10 
ResearchFestival2  ResearchFestival3  ResearchFestival4  ResearchFestival5 
ResearchFestival6  ResearchFestival7  ResearchFestival8  ResearchFestival9 
Rmit-Melbourne1  Rmit-Melbourne10  Rmit-Melbourne2  Rmit-Melbourne3 
Rmit-Melbourne4  Rmit-Melbourne5  Rmit-Melbourne8  Rmit-Melbourne9 
Room2  Room4  ruthcarter4  s1 
s2 001  s4  s5  s6 
s7  s9  saltaire  SaltaireA1 
sample2  sample4a  sample5  SAM 0009 
SAM 0010  SAM 0011  SAM 0014  SAM 0017 
SAM 0018  SAM 0111  SAM 0117  SAM 0118 
SAM 0121  SAM 0123  SAM 0127  SAM 0195 
SAM 0196  SAM 0197  SAM 0202  SAM 0213 
SAM 0214  SAM 0232  SAM 0251  SAM 0252 
SAM 0258  SAM 0269  SAM 0287  SAM 0310 
SAM 0311  Sasha  scan3 colour  scan4 bw 
ScanStoneHenge1  scene test copy  SH06to22PM 21stJune0001  SH06to22PM 21stJune0928 
SH06to22PM 21stJune1869  ship in sky  side chter text 01  silver.27 copy 
simtect1  simtect2  simtect4  sketches007 
sketches009  sketches010  sketches012  sketches013 
sketches014  sketches015  slide0005 image100  slide0010 image019 
slide0016 image060  slide0023 image042  slide0025 image024  slide0026 image034 
slide0027 image063  slide0027 image064  slide0027 image065  slide0028 image022 
slide0032 image086  slide0032 image089  slide0033 image144  slide0034 image073 
slide0034 image074  slide0034 image075  slide0035 image094  slide0035 image095 
slide0035 image151  slide0035 image157  slide0036 image077  slide0038 image081 
slide0038 image083  slide0042 image080  slide0042 image124  slide0043 image098 
slide0044 image054  slide0047 image045  slide0050 image049  slide0053 image058 
slide0057 image053  slide0058 image072  slide0062 image055  slide0063 image057 
slide0064 image099  Slide10  Slide12  Slide14 
Slide15  Slide16  Slide18  Slide19 
Slide2  Slide20  Slide25  Slide26 
Slide3  Slide4  Slide5  Slide6 
Slide7  Slide8  Slide9  stereovehicle1 
stereovehicle2  SteveMolnar4  SteveMolnar5  StoneHenge1 
StoneHenge11  StoneHenge2  StoneHenge4  StoneHenge5 
StoneHenge6  StoneHenge7  StoneHenge8  StoneHengeFire 
StoneHengeP3P2a  StoneHengeP3P4  StoneHengeto Print1  T014to20PM 21stMay0551 
T014to20PM 21stMay1786  test render copy  test0034  test0054 
test0100  test0249  texture caterpillar 1  texture caterpillar 4 
texture-caterpillar-1  Theatre1  Theatre3  Tim0622PM 21stJune0276 
Tolliday1  torso1  tt0  Tt1 
tt10  tt13  tt7  tt8 
TTinterior3  TTinterior5  TTinterior7  TTinterior9 
uni1  uni2  uni3  University1 
University3  University6  Untitled-1  Untitled-7 
Unver1  Unver2  un textured displacement render 01  uvlayouts copy 
Vijay1  Vijay2  VirtualHuddersfield1  VirtualHuddersfield2 
VirtualHuddersfield3  VirtualHuddersfield4  VirtualHuddersfield5  VirtualHuddersfield6 
vj4  vj5  vj6  vj9 
warhorsepaint 1 v1  warhorsepaint 2  WESTWIND 001  wom3 
wom4  z brush  z icarus2  z icarus3 zbrush 
z-icarus2  Z  detailing  detailing2 
detailing3  glass render tests  Guy Buckley2  Guy Buckley3 
Guy Buckley4  Guy Buckley5  Hannah  hannah2 
HannahMotion  HannahPArticles  hannahPerson  HannahStereo 
Huddersfield3DTown  HuddersfieldTrainStation  Katsu Yoaoki, Predictive Dream, 2011 Porcelain  lace mapped 
lace mapped1  lowpolysit1  man in snow 3  Maya1 
Patrick Stewart level 3 subdiv 3  Patrick Stewart level 7 detailing 1  prep for 3d printing 3  prep for 3d printing 
setting out uvs for maya export  sss skin shading14  Untitled-01  Water3D 
water0079  wireframe  Zbrush1  area light test with wooden floor, area lights a bit dim, floor is a bit to regular. 
chair  alpha-brushes-for-details  area-light-test-with-wooden-floor,-area-lights-a-bit-dim,-floor-is-a-bit-to-regular  astrolabe-shader-test 
Better-ruff-but-what-the-hell-is-going-on-with-that-displacement-  Camp-Scene  chair-with-rug3-2  cityenginetest1 
Displacement-still-not-producing-thickness  Figure 10-copy  final-model-for-portfolio  Fly 
fly2  garage05 reworked  garage rear reworked  garage threequater rework 
group-horse  hanging building 01 reworked  Heart1  horse-head-copy 
hotel-render-hd-1-  hotel-render-hd-3  hotel-render-hd  HS Poster-3-small 
individual---horse-and-knight  interior 01  lace-mapped-  lace-mapped1- 
marvelous-designer-draping1  marvelous-designer-draping2  modelling-the-environment  modelling-the-environment11 
modelling-the-environment16  modelling-the-environment9  Patrick-Stewart-level-7-detailing-1  prep-for-3d-printing-2-copy 
prep-for-3d-printing  reprojecting-detail-in-zbrush3  SaltairePDF-3D  setting-out-uvs-for-maya-export 
side-chter-text-01  soting-out-the-lace-ruff  sss-skin-shading14  StereoHuddersfield2 
StereoHuddersfield5  stl-check-in-solidworks  StoneHengeto-Print1  tunnel2 012 
tunnel 01 reworked  tunnel 02 reworked  tunnel 03 reworked  warhorsepaint-2 
wind tunnel 01 reworked  wind tunnel 03 reworked  ZBrush-Document-(2)  glass-render-tests 
SAM 0361  SAM 0363  SAM 0364  SAM 0365 
SAM 0366  SAM 0367  SAM 0368